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Chief Engineering Officer (CEO), Founder, Consultant

Carol Tonge Mack is the Founder & Chief Engineering Officer of Tonge Mack Enterprises LLC, Empowering Next Dimension Leaders, an organization dedicated to providing women and girls with the empowerment tools necessary to elevate and amplify their voices to the next dimension.  As an educator, black feminist, and student advocate, she has been working for the past twenty years in higher education and began her professional career as an academic advisor at the University of New Hampshire. Carol believes in the power of “real” sisterhood and helping women recognize they are good enough, regardless if they are holding a broom or the gavel. Currently, she is an assistant dean at the University of Cincinnati, serving and empowering students from enrollment to graduation.

Carol received her bachelor’s degree in history from Middlebury College in Vermont, her master of arts in teaching, as well as a master of education in counseling from the University of New Hampshire. A native of the Caribbean island of Antigua, Carol grew up in the South Bronx, New York City; her extended family resides in Harlem, New York. She has two amazing children and is also married to an organic chemistry professor.​​

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